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Short Term Courses
  • To update students’ cognitive domino and improve technical expertise the following additional courses are run successfully during vacations.

    Ø  FM & AM Radio Assembly

    Ø  Digital Photography & Video Techniques

    Ø  Hobby electronics Circuit Design

    Ø  Hardware Servicing & Networking

    Ø  Screen Printing & Tamil Srilipi

    Ø  Cell phone Servicing.

    Ø  Soldering Techniques & Circuit Assembling.

    Ø  Advanced C++ Programming.

    Ø  VB.Net

    Ø  Desk Top Publishing (CorelDraw & Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker)

    Ø  Mini Offset & Screen Printing.

    Ø  Print Quality & Testing

    Ø  Two-Wheeler Mechanism

    Ø  Servicing of Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning

    Ø  Service of Domestic Appliances.

    Ø  Flash

    Ø  Television Servicing

    Ø  Embedded Industrial Training

    Ø  Mobile Technology

    Ø  Industrial Automation with PLC

    Ø  CNC & VMC Programming

    Ø  Pro- E

    Ø  Advanced AUTOCAD

    Ø  Furniture Making

    Ø  Installation and Configuration of Red Hat Linux 5.1

    Ø  Graphics in C

    Ø  C#

    Ø  Servicing of CD&DVD Player

    Ø  PLC and its applications

    Ø  Spoken English

    Ø  Spoken Hindi

    Ø  Aptitude

    Ø  Math Magic

    Ø  Designing of Printed Circuit board

    Ø  Computer Hardware servicing & Networking

    Ø  Television Servicing

    Ø  Animation in Maya

    Ø  Stead-Pro

    Ø  Mat Lab

    Ø  Steal Structural design & Fabrication

    Ø  Printed Circuit Board Designing